Ing. Alfonso Pinedo
Electronics and Electrical Engineering

•      Android Developer with MIT App inventor Tools

• Experience in planning and management on regional Distribution potential system

.• Good knowledge on TCP/IP architecture, IP protocols and VOIP protocols, UMTS and 2G, 3G and 3.5G Mobil technologies.

• Over seven months of electronic maintenance in a petrochemical plant.
• Electronic Engineer, at Technological of Bolivar University, Cartagena, Colombia.
• Electrical Engineer, at Technological of Bolivar University, Cartagena Colombia.
• Bilingual Spanish and English.
• Self driven, analytic, creative, strong interpersonal and communications skills.  
Planning and network architecture department  (Electricaribe SA.)            
EXPERIENCE Aislamientos Industriales
Contact: 300 5087791
• Responsible of monitoring the asset load levels in high and medium voltage.

• Monitoring the currents balance of the distributions circuits.

• Support the area of planning in high voltage (110kv-66kv).
Colombia Movil Tigo (Ingytelcom)
 Maintenance department   (Mexichem S.A.S.)    
• Responsible of the roll out equipment Ericsson and Raisecom for the Tigo (Colombia Movil) 4G (HSPA+) network at Cartagena.
• Responsible of the weekly and monthly quality management indicator`s (using SAP software).
• Review and Commissioning of Foundation Fieldbus communications at a DCS (Distributed Control System) CS3000 Yokowaga in a petrochemical plant.
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Abogados tributaristas Telefonia IP


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